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* Acting as your advocate

* Providing consulting regarding services and options available for your care, living arrangements, health and long-term needs

* Accompanying you to physician and medical appointments

* Guiding you through the maze of Social Security, Medicare, supplemental insurance and prescription plans

* Completing medical forms for you

* Completing Medicaid forms for you

* Organizing and maintaining your medications along with prescriptions, medical and emergency records

* Reviewing your mail

* Paying your Bills and maintaining financial records for accountants and taxes

* Acting as a liaison between you and your family

* Providing updated medical and financial reports to your family members or the person who holds your power of attorney

* Promptly notifying your family of an illness, emergency, unusual event or circumstance

* Providing guidance to you and your family for additional services you may need using a network of qualified professionals

* Making sure you are safe and treated with respect in health and senior care facilities

* Organizing the disposition of your property if a move becomes necessary

* Acting as your Power of Attorney, Representative Payee or Guardian

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